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GSG - German Sporting Guns

  • GSG "Schmeisser" STG 44

    GSG "Schmeisser" STG 44

    German Sport Guns "Schmeisser" STG 44 NON RESTRICTED  A faithful .22lr caliber semi-automatic reproduction of the infamous "Sturmgewehr 44" Assault Rifle developed by the Germans during WWII. The GSG...

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  • GSG 1911 .22 Conversion Kit

    Whether you’re looking to find a more affordable way to fire your favourite firearm or you just want to get your feet wet with a German Sport Guns product, this .22lr Conversion Kit is right for you...

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  • GSG 1911 Magazine

    Looking to get the most out of your German Sport Guns product? Going to be needing more than one magazine! These magazines are made with high quality ballistic polymers for a great combination of...

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  • GSG 1911 Standard

    The GSG 1911 pistol is a lightweight, easy to use and reliable handgun chambered in .22lr. The tried and true 1911 platform meets precision, German engineering to create an affordable shooting...

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  • GSG MP40 9mm Magazine

    Fits the GSG MP-40 in 9mmLimited to 5 rds.“A new production of the MP-40 Magazine specially designed for the Canadian legal version of MP-40 manufactured by GSG. The magazine features a fully...

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  • GSG-15 Standard Black

    German Sport Guns GSG-15 Standard BlackNON RESTRICTED Caliber: .22 lr HV Overall length: 34.65" - 36.06" Overall heigth: 10.27" Overall width: 2.81" Weight: 6.45 lbs Barrel length: 16.53" Number of...

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