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  • Cobra Cutter Keychain

    Cobra Cutter safety cutting tool functions as a key chain and safely cuts to release Cobra Cuffs & Xtreme Zip Ties. Made with unbreakable plastic resin which houses a recessed carbon steel blade to keep fingers safe. Also an excellent Emergency Seat...

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  • Cobra Cuffs Trainer

    Cobra Cuffs Reusable Training CuffsAllows officers to train for Cobra Cuff use without wasting cuffs.Uses the same design as the Cobra Cuff without the double lockPull free design makes for a quick release when doing training drillsComes fully assembled...

    Our Price: $9.99
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  • Cobra Cuffs - 6 Pack - Black

    Cobra Cuffs Double-Lock Improves Officer Safety by making it virtually impossible to shim / pick or break using blunt force techniques commonly used with nylon Zip Tie type restraints. The unique wedge shaped design of the Locking Clip also prevents...

    Our Price: $39.99
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