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German Sport Guns

German Sport Guns is a producer of popular .22LR rifles and handguns.

  • German Sport Guns GSG-16 .22LR

    This lightweight .22LR calibre rifle is based off of the classic GSG-22 calibre rifle operating system. The GSG-16 features several enhancements to give it a modern look. The GSG-16 features a newly-designed collapsable stock that also serves as an...

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  • GSG MP-40 Semi-Auto Rifle 9mm 5 Rounds

    DISPLAY MODEL, has some scratches on the stock. The submachine gun 40 was produced by Erma and Steyr from 1940 until 1944. The very compact and easy to handle MP40 was build over a million times during this time. Its well known predecessors are the...

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  • GSG-15 Standard Black

    German Sport Guns GSG-15 Standard BlackNON RESTRICTED Caliber: .22 lr HV Overall length: 34.65" - 36.06" Overall heigth: 10.27" Overall width: 2.81" Weight: 6.45 lbs Barrel length: 16.53" Number of grooves: 6 Sight lenght: max 15.74" Trigger pull: SA 25N...

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  • GSG 1911 Standard

    The GSG 1911 pistol is a lightweight, easy to use and reliable handgun chambered in .22lr. The tried and true 1911 platform meets precision, German engineering to create an affordable shooting experience for shooters on every end of the spectrum. From...

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  • GSG "Schmeisser" STG 44

    GSG "Schmeisser" STG 44

    German Sport Guns "Schmeisser" STG 44 NON RESTRICTED  A faithful .22lr caliber semi-automatic reproduction of the infamous "Sturmgewehr 44" Assault Rifle developed by the Germans during WWII. The GSG STG 44 features a weight of 9.5lbs, a 17.2” barrel, an...

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