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Unwanted Firearms

If you have firearms that you no longer wish to, or are unable to keep call us!

We are fully licensed to transport, posses and sell non-restricted, restricted and prohibited firearms. 

If necessary, we can arrange to attend your location to pick-up the firearms (in Waterloo Region) and then provide you with the following options:

  • Consignment of the firearms (sell on your behalf for a commission)

  • Purchase of the firearms (at a rate less than consignment)

  • Donate them to be used to teach youth about hunting/firearm safety

  • If the firearm is no longer safe to use, we will arrange it be disposed of safely and properly.

Some firearms may hold special or historical value, we aim to preserve this, Many unwanted firearms end up being surrendered to the police and then get destroyed. Instead we can sell the firearms for you or were the firearms are prohibited we work very closely with a local museum to ensure that the history of these items is preserved.

By using our services you are ensuring that the firearms are being enjoyed by future generations in a responsible way.