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Original Swat


    When agility matters, the Alpha Fury 6" is a high-performance, lightweight, airport friendly boot built with the comfort and flexibility of an athletic shoe combined with the stability, reliability,...

    Our Price: $149.99
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  • CLASSIC 6" WP Side Zip safety Boot

    Constructed to perform under any condition, this lightweight duty boot workhorse delivers on the requirements and execution standards for those who prefer a 6" option. Stay dry, safe, and...

    MSRP: $199.99
    Our Price: $189.99
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  • CLASSIC 9"

    The cornerstone of the Original S.W.A.T. lightweight uniform boot line is the Classic 9". Armed with unmatched all-day comfort and performance features, the Classic's simple appearance has made it...

    MSRP: $174.95
    Our Price: $169.95
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  • CLASSIC 9" WP Side Zip Safety Boot

    Time tested and operator approved, the Classic 9” WP SZ Safety delivers the safety and performance features you rely upon to get the job done. Confidently take on the hazards of any...

    MSRP: $214.99
    Our Price: $209.99
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  • Original Swat Action Fit Insole

    Ortholite® foam compresses less than 5 percent over time so the cushioning and fit never change.Top layer recovery foam conforms to the foot, creating a custom fit every time pressure is applied...

    Our Price: $19.99
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  • Original Swat Tactical Laces - Black

    Premium nylon laces with a tubular shape are designed for maximum durability and grip. A special weave near the lace tips keeps laces tight all day long.Durable nylon lacesVaried weave near the lace...

    Our Price: $7.99
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