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  • REACTAR G3 Recoil Pad REACTAR G3 Recoil Pad

    REACTAR G3 Recoil Pad

    The Techogel® material is formulated to absorb significant recoil as the buttplate or pad impacts it on the way to your shoulder. You can feel the improvement in comfort from the first shot. Felt recoil is more than just uncomfortable. Flinching...

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  • Blaze Orange Vest

    Blaze Orange Vest

    This Safety Vest is constructed with material that stays silent in cold weather. It has a hook and loop closure which is easy-to-use especially when wearing bulky clothes. The open sides with elastic connection provide comfortable wear over heavy coats...

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  • Primos Gunhunter's Vest

    Primos Gunhunter's Vest

    The GunHunter’s Vest keeps everything that is essential to gun and muzzloader hunters stored and organized. Jimmy Primos and members of the Primos Team have been working on perfecting this vest for 3 years. All the features of the GunHunter’s...

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