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Range 519

Range 519 Inc. now has it's own web site all further content will be posted to

Also like our facebook page for updates and more information

Update 03/9/2020:

We now have all required permits in place and construction is commencing.  Updates and timelines will be posted to the facebook page.

Here is a video of the target carrier technology you can expect to see on the 17 yard members only only range.



Update 27/7/2020:

Originally we had planned to be opening the ranges at this time.  Due to COVID-19 and other delays we now anticipate opening the ranges January/February 2021 and to start sharing membership information in December 2020.  These dates are subject to change as we await a building permit from the city.  Keep following Range519 on facebook for the most up to date information.

Update 30/12/2020:

We have received our operating license from he CFO, Range 519 is ready to go but sadly the province of Ontario is in lockdown due to COVID-19.  Keep following Range519 on facebook and for the most up to date information.