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Tikka is a product of Sako’s world-renowned firearm engineering. Its history proves that Tikka has stood the test of time and continuously grown in popularity over the years. It has become the ultimate tool for accuracy on the market.

  • Tikka T3x CTR .223

    Tikka T3x CTR .223

    High performance in all situations. T3x Compact Tactical Rifle is a multipurpose rifle. It features a 10-round steel magazine and comes standard with vertical angled grip for prone shooting. The Tikka T3x CTR also features an aluminium trigger guard...

    Our Price: $1,399.00
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  • Tikka T3x Lite .223

    Tikka T3x Lite .223

    T3x lite combines high performance with lightweight ease. The Lite models are equipped with the T3x synthetic stock and all new modular features. These models come with the classic low-angled grip. The classic T3x Lite has a blued barrel and all-black...

    Our Price: $964.95
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