Select Shooting Supplies

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q:   Can I come buy and pick up my order?

A:   Yes, effective April 10th 2015 if you are local to the Waterloo region you can pick up your order at our 
       retail location
 during our regular business hours.


Q:   Do we ship internationally?

A:   No, our objective is to bring quality products into Canada for our Canadian customers.


Q:   If I order from your site are the products in stock in Canada?

A:   YES! We hate buying something online expecting it to ship the next day only to find it is a special order and that it takes weeks to get.

       As a result our promise to you is that if we don't have it in stock it will display as sold out and you will not be able to purchase it.


Q:   Why do items show as "Sold Out"?

A:   Items shown as "Sold Out" are items that we have on order and are expected to arrive within 14 days.  We wont sell you

      something that we don't have.  Additionally we wont advertise something we cant get.  If we cant replace it, it will be removed from

      our store until we can confirm replacement stock.


Q:   If I place an order how soon can I expect it to ship?

A:    We aim to ship all orders within two business days of your order date.


Q:   Are you a licensed Firearms Business?

A:   Yes, we have a Business Firearms License for Non-Restricted, Restricted, Prohibited and Prohibited Handgun's.


Q:   Are you insured?

A:   Yes, we are insured.


Welcome to Select Shooting Supplies, your reliable source for quality shooting supplies. Based in the region of Waterloo just West of Toronto we are proud to represent some of the best products available in the market today.