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  • Kershaw Drivetrain

    Kershaw Drivetrain

    Always be prepared with the emergency-ready Drivetrain. For this knife, Kershaw designed a new, hassle-free seatbelt cutter. It stays within the handle when not in use, but it can be easily deployed...

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  • Kershaw Iridium

    Kershaw Iridium

    Clean design elements define the Iridium. Its gray-anodized aluminum handle scales create an appealing profile. Activate the thumb stud and experience glassy smooth deployment with KVT ball bearings...

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  • Kershaw Rib - Special Edition

    Kershaw Rib - Special Edition

    The Kershaw Rib 1372 is a cool pocket knife with a cleaver-style blade. You often see this type of blade on kitchen knives, and it is great for food prep and other daily tasks. The knife is enhanced...

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  • Kershaw Blur - Red

    Kershaw Blur - Red

    Once you get your hands on a Blur, you’ll see why it has remained one of our most popular knives for years. It starts with the big, slightly recurved blade. The shape is ideal for multitasking...

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  • Kershaw Leek - Aluminum Red

    Kershaw Leek - Aluminum Red

    The Kershaw Leek just may be the ideal EDC. With its 3-inch blade, the Leek is a good-sized knife, but not too big. The slim design makes it easy to carry and its razor-sharp blade of...

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  • Kershaw Lucid Kershaw Lucid

    Kershaw Lucid

    The Lucid isn’t just a dream anymore. Its versatile clip point blade fires open with assisted opening. Keep a secure grip on the contoured handle with its textured glass-filled nylon front...

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  • Kershaw Noventa Kershaw Noventa

    Kershaw Noventa

    The Noventa's stylish design takes inspiration from the Art Deco period. Aesthetically, it features a two-tone blade, standout handle texturing, and a custom pivot. Sleeker still, the hidden flipper...

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  • Kershaw Bracket

    Kershaw Bracket

    The Bracket is an XL version of the original Static cleaver. But rather than a simple size change, it has some fresh additions as well. A new glass-filled nylon front handle scale is plenty grippy,...

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  • Kershaw Brace

    Kershaw Brace

    Many appreciate the convenience of small neck knives, but actual utility is sometimes overlooked. That’s where the Brace comes in. Despite its small profile, the fixed blade has many features...

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  • Kershaw Payout

    Kershaw Payout

    The Payout is a larger knife sure to draw admiring glances. The big, 3.5-inch blade of D2 steel features a unique top swedge that gives the Payout a dynamic look and relieves some of the weight of...

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  • Kershaw Cannonball

    Kershaw Cannonball

    Tough, beefy, and loaded with firepower, the Cannonball is a standout work knife fit for many tasks. The folder’s frame lock and steel handle provide ideal durability and security. The 3.5-inch...

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  • Kershaw Oso Sweet

    Kershaw Oso Sweet

    The Oso Sweet is indeed one sweet pocketknife. It features a classic drop-point blade that gives you maximum workaday utility, at the same time, it has plenty of style and features that will get...

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  • Kershaw Blur

    Kershaw Blur

    This is a Blur on the dark side. Like all Blurs it’s equipped with a big, slightly recurved blade that’s ideal for multitasking. The blade shape offers both excellent slicing and piercing...

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  • Kershaw Camshaft

    Kershaw Camshaft

    With its custom touches, Kershaw's assisted opening, and versatile clip-point blade, the Camshaft is designed to get your engine going. The clip-point blade offers good piercing capabilities, while...

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  • Kershaw REVERB XL Kershaw REVERB XL

    Kershaw REVERB XL

    A SUPERSIZED REVERB The original Reverb was designed as a compact, lightweight knife for hiking, backpacking and other outdoor activities. But some of you wanted more. Specifically, more size...

    MSRP: $72.95
    Our Price: $55.95
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  • Kershaw K-Tool

    Kershaw K-Tool

    YES, YOU NEED THISThe new Kershaw K-TOOL, in the shape of the Kershaw logo “K,” adds Kershaw class to your key ring.But since Kershaw is all about function—as well as great form—the K-TOOL does more...

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