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CZ97B .45 ACP Semi Auto Pistol


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The CZ 97 B is a semi-automatic firearm incorporating a locked breech principle and double-action mode of fire. The handgun is equipped with manual safety, firing pin safety (block), and loaded chamber indicator. The magazine is of a double column type and has a 10 round capacity. The slide is locked open when the last cartridge from the magazine has been fired. The loaded chamber indicator indicates the presence of a cartridge in the chamber. A safety notch on the hammer prevents inadvertent discharge and the firing pin safety positively ensures drop safety of the pistol. The manual safety is designed in such a way so as to engage the pistol's safety mode while also enabling the "carriage" of the pistol while the safety is off and a cartridge is loaded in the chamber. At the same time it is safe for all normal handling. Characteristic features of all versions A large capacity double-column magazine. A comfortable grip and balance in either hand with good results at instinctive shooting (without aiming). A low trigger pull weight, and high accuracy of fire. A long service life coupled to high reliability. The slide stays open after the last cartridge has been fired, suitable for COMBAT shooting. The sights are fitted with a three-dot illuminating system for better aiming in poor visibility conditions-optional tritium or micrometrical sights can be fitted on request to the customer's specifications. Selective SA/DA firing mechanism operation.

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