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CZ SA / DA, Tactical Sport and SA ONLY Competition Hammer. (Narrow)

CZ Custom

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CZ  SA / DA or SA ONLY Competition Hammer. 
0.234" Wide for a standard slide hammer notch width 0.280"
Important Note on Hammer Width
Standard CZ 75 Slides have a slide hammer notch width of 0.28" using a hammer width of 0.234".
CZ 75 SP01 Shadow, Tactical Sport, and CZ 75 Shadow have a slide hammer notch width of 0.355" using a  hammer width of 0.315"
This is the CZ UB (CZECH) Hammer.
This hammer will fit most models DA / SA CZ Pistols.
Also used for SA only guns. When used with SA only guns, do NOT use the DA parts.
Greatly reduces sear creep, lightens and smooths the single action trigger.
Use in conjunction with light main spring (13lb) for smoother lighter DA trigger pull.
We suggest that the hammer be fitted by a competent gunsmith. 
The safety or sear may need to be fitted after installation of the hammer.
Not Suitable for Omega Trigger System and
Not for Decocker Model Guns.


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