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CZ 75/85/SP01 & Shadow 2 Main/Hammer Spring 11Lb

CZ Custom

CZ Spring Main / Hammer 11 Lb Grey
FITS All CZ (Except P10C)

Used in conjunction with the CZ Custom Hammer to create unbelievably good DA SA trigger pulls.

CZ Compact pistols use a shorter Spring Plug and hence use full sized springs

CAUTION: If the pistol is to be used in critical situations such as law enforcement or self-defence. Reduction of the hammer spring strength may compromise the reliability of the firearm.

May not meet 5LB DA pull required for IPSC Production division.

Our testing has shown the 13lb mainspring in combination with a CZC extended firing pin and CZC 2075 Rami firing pin spring will ignite the primers in the factory ammunition that CZ Custom uses. Given variables in ammunition, primers, reloading techniques your results may vary.

CZ Custom & Select Shooting Supplies are not responsible for your results.


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