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Optics, Sights & Sight Mounts

  • Wheeler Anti Cant Indicator, 1″

    Wheeler Anti Cant Indicator, 1″

    Selecting your scope alignment tool is critical to long-range accuracy. Canting your scope, even just a couple of degrees, can cause error in point of impact. With modern “Drop-Compensating” scopes, an Anti-Cant Indicator is a necessity. If your gun...

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  • Burris Scope Tube FastFire™ Mounts

    Burris Scope Tube FastFire™ Mounts

    These mounts provide tactical operators with options for mounting accessories. Positions a FastFire secondary optic in nearly any radial position on your primary optic Allows your primary optic to remain on a higher magnification while...

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  • Burris AR-P.E.P.R. Scope Mount

    Burris AR-P.E.P.R. Scope Mount

    Full ring and base mounting solution in one Allows up to 2 inches of forward scope positioning Provides optimum eye relief and full field of view Includes both smooth and Picatinny ring tops Quick-detach models allow for fast mounting Available in...

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